Our Philosophy & Goals

At Ascend Wealth Advisors, LLC, our investment approach centers on the core principle of compounding long-term capital growth, primarily through equity investments. However, we maintain the flexibility to adjust asset allocations away from equities during periods of uncertain economic outlooks. Our strategy hinges on actively managing asset allocations among stocks, bonds, and cash based on our risk and return expectations for each asset class. This adaptability allows us to navigate through extreme uncertainty, unbound by the constraints typically faced by institutional managers.

Our commitment to our clients lies in demonstrating value through a disciplined, patient focus on identifying quality investments at reasonable valuations. While buy-and-hold strategies can be lucrative over the long term, we recognize that economic cycles necessitate adaptation. As conditions evolve, we remain vigilant, adjusting our approach while keeping a steadfast view of the long-term horizon. Once our asset mix is determined, we meticulously construct portfolios from the ground up, selecting what we consider the most favorable opportunities within various asset classes.

Successful investing demands a diverse skill set, encompassing financial and credit analysis, valuation techniques, and an understanding of investor psychology. While fundamental financial knowledge is crucial, it’s equally vital to grasp the influence geopolitical and economic factors have on investor behavior. Despite the wealth of information at our disposal, making the right decisions at the right time remains challenging. However, we embrace this challenge, continually questioning and evaluating our strategies. What if unforeseen events occur? How are our clients’ investments positioned for potential future scenarios? These questions and their implications drive our decision-making process at Ascend Wealth Advisors, LLC. We may not have all the answers, but we are unafraid to seek them out, ensuring that our clients’ investments are thoughtfully positioned for whatever the future may hold.

Let Us Grow Your Portfolio, Together