Investment Process

Ascend Wealth Advisors, LLC (AWA) actively explores a diverse range of investment opportunities encompassing various securities including mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), individual common stocks, preferred stocks, and corporate as well as government-issued fixed income. Additionally, we strategically consider equities linked to tangible assets: various commodities such as base and precious metals, oil and gas, or water resources to benefit both from economic growth cycles or serve as a counter-cyclical hedge amid market and economic uncertainties. Exposure to foreign markets allows us to capitalize on growth prospects in different regions worldwide. We may also incorporate alternative investments prudently to foster a balanced yet adaptable portfolio. Cash positions are not overlooked, especially when market conditions warrant such positioning or when exiting positions.

Equity Investments

Our approach to equity investments revolves around opportunistically acquiring high-quality companies at fair valuations, actively monitoring their performance, and judiciously adjusting our positions when necessary. We meticulously evaluate companies based on their historical fundamental strengths, including revenue and earnings growth, often seeking those with a track record of consistent dividend growth. Identifying industry leaders with sustainable competitive advantages is paramount for long-term performance. Our equity investment ideas primarily stem from a comprehensive examination of publicly traded companies, emphasizing strong management, innovative products, and robust financial metrics.

Key characteristics of an ideal equity investment may encompass:


Sustained leadership in market share, brand, or technology with high barriers to entry.


Innovative product offerings leading to accelerated revenue and profitability.


Solid financial performance and a healthy balance sheet, underscored by profitability and manageable leverage.


A seasoned management team with significant insider ownership and a proven track record of navigating economic challenges.


We also evaluate “special situations”, established companies undergoing changes such as bringing in new management to focus on new product development either internally or through complementary acquisitions.

AWA targets potential returns on each investment and adjusts positions based on changes in valuation, company outlook, industry growth prospects, or shifts in the economic landscape. While realizing profits is essential, we also prioritize risk management, recognizing that minimizing losses can be as valuable as generating positive returns over the long term.

Fixed Income Investments: AWA evaluates corporate bonds or preferred issues based on a favorable outlook for the issuer’s financial performance. We prioritize issuers demonstrating steady or improving financial health to mitigate credit risk and default concerns. Seeking reasonable returns relative to credit risk helps balance the fixed income portfolio, with considerations for U.S. Treasury or FDIC insured bank CD issues to bolster stability and income generation.

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